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User interface and Usability Testing

We might have built the greatest possible application and it might not have any performance issues or functional issues and it might not have any issues in the Different modules seamlessly integrating to create a humongous and awesome application. However, if the application falters and fails to impress the end user, and does not go in line with what would be termed as their intuitive flow, the product might not succeed as much as it is supposed to!

It is for this precise reason that we have usability testing in place. The usability testing is about evaluating a product or an application by testing it in the way the users would look at it and interact with it. This could be considered the final step of testing a product if end-to-end testing is not deployed.

Testing Banner
Testing Banner

Typically, usability testing test both the user interface and the User experience. Today, when almost all technical aspects of a product or service is quite standardized, it is the user interface that can make a difference in the market and can be considered as something of Paramount importance to help organisations in achieving revenues and a considerable market share.

CubeMatch Technologies usability testing services

In retrospect, usability testing is more of a matter of empathy more than expertise. Our team leverages on their experience of working with different applications across different industries and partly on the issues that they have faced in terms of usability. If it had to stop there, technicality wouldn't even play a part! aur performance testing services do not just stop with identification of issues but also goes on to suggest what could be done better to make the user feel better with your application and you feel better with your market and revenue!

Why usability testing?

  • Helps learning, adopting and understanding application from a user perspective
  • Helps isolate problems
  • Helps understand the pulse of the market and the user
  • Give the assurance of accuracy of the product right at the time of its release
  • Validation of User experience and user satisfaction
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Our portfolio of usability testing services

All these services ensure that your application does not fall short of the Expectations of the customer in terms of interface and experience!

  • Remote Usability Test
  • Mobile App Usability Test
  • Multivariate Usability Testing
  • Hallway Testing
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Device Compatibility
  • User Navigation Testing

If you would like to validate the effectiveness and the attractiveness of the garnish of your product or application, usability testing gets the job done! Get in touch with us for any requirement of usability testing that you might have and we will ensure that we give what your users would be impressed with!