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DevOps Testing

Quality and speed lie at the top of the Totem Pole when it comes to developing robust and useful software. To make sure that there is no compromise on both of these and to facilitate the resonance between the development and operation teams, an integrated model of development called devops model has been introduced. Devops ensures continuous and consistent collaboration until delivery. It is considered to be quite a revolution as it helps develop, test and release software rapidly, frequently and reliability.

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Why DevOps?

DevOps is the portmanteau of development and operations. DevOps represent the translation of software delivery from a fragmented process to a continuous process. This would mean that development, testing and all the operations are performed by different teams in different verticals are no longer discrete and isolated but integrated, closely knit, collaborative and happened in tandem.

DevOps is considered to be a massive game changer which is making a Paradigm shift in the realm of software development by accelerating the process of delivery and by enabling ease of Cross Stage transitions throughout the software lifecycle. This has resulted in the different stakeholders being brought together across both development and operations to streamline software delivery.

DevOps also contributes to the cultural transformation of the company which brings in automation and ease of deployment. Aspects like environment setup, configuration, monitoring and testing or effectively taken care of, saving huge amounts of time and energy and giving room for driving Innovation and staying ahead of Technology disruption.

Our DevOps services

DevOps Optimisation

Integrating development and operations seems simple on paper than doing it on the hard ground. Our team of experts help companies build a robust and automated Infrastructures which are highly scalable and Secure. After all, the proof of success of DevOps is in the success of the output!

Code inspection

We help companies quickly deliver and deploy working applications and provide higher customer value. Our continuous delivery services help companies continuously deploy releases for all kinds of products from small startup level systems to large enterprise level applications like SAP.

Release orchestration

Our team of expert developers makes sure that your WordPress plugins are free of any bugs and take extra care to make sure that your WordPress plugins do not open any backdoor to the user information. We also ensure the consistent performance of your WordPress website across all platforms.

If you would like to leverage on devops and also make sure that your devops processes happen without any Labs in quality and speed, all you need is the service of the best devops company in Chennai. Drop in an email or a line to us and we will discuss further on collaborating and ensuring quality of your software!

Why us?


CubeMatch Technologies brings you are combined experience of having worked both on the development and the operation side, making is an ideal candidate for you to partner with if you are looking for a DevOps company. Our orientation towards business without compromising on the relevance of technology that goes into developing your applications mix is one of the best DevOps companies in Chennai. Our history of having work with multiple verticals stands as a resounding testimony to our expertise in DevOps.