Integrated Testing and DevOps

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Integrated Testing and DevOps

Software has entered almost every part of our lives today. The impact of digital devices, the advancement of smart technology, and the digitization of today's world means that there is a software for nearly every activity of life. The world of mobiles, smart technology, and digitization of everything has literally left almost every activity of life to some software.

When so much of life depends upon software, it is mandatory and rather expected that the software should not have any flaws in its functionality. For this reason, the software that we utilise on a daily basis is subject to meticiulous testing to ensure that there are no software vulnerabilities.

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Testing Banner

It is for this reason that our meticulous testing processes involve all the aspects of the software like:

  • UI/UX - Usability Testing - Measuring the ‘empathy’ of your software from the users’ eye.
  • Functionality Testing - Does the software do what it has been intended to?
  • Performance Testing - How well, how fast and how efficiently does the software work?
  • Regression Testing - How adaptable is your software to small changes, without affecting the core functionalities?
  • Security Testing - How secure is the sensitive data that is taken by your software against attacks?

Our expertise in software testing comes in useful and handy for a lot of software companies at this point. We have a team of testers who work on both manual and automated testing through the entire software development life cycle, commonly abbreviated as SDLC.

We specialize in different aspects of testing right from some of the most classical testing methods to the ones that comply with the latest trends in technology and business point

Our testing experts make sure that your software is subject to all possible worst cases so that the performance of your software will define what is the best case... Constantly!

Manual Testing

Manual testing is often preferred by many old school companies who would rather have test cases executed by a human tester. The human aspect ensures that technical flaws, the floors in the user interface, and user experience are addressed. The resulting software meets technical accuracy and compliance standards that are required from a user's perspective.

Automation Testing

Right from car transmissions until testing of software, automation has become a buzzword in all aspects of business, market, and Technology. Testing is not an exception to this transformation. Automation of testing ensures that the results are more accurate and dependable. Since it happens without any human intervention, the room for error is almost close to zero. This results in the end product and the end application been entirely bug-free.

We at CubeMatch Technologies use the open source Automation Testing tool called Selenium WebDriver to test the applications. Selenium, being open source,is compliant with most of the mainstream browsers and that makes Selenium a great tool for testing web applications.


Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Technology has transcended from being one of the most niche skills to being one of the most common requirements. The world of applications is what rules the mobile platforms today and it is quite evident in the dominance of the top to mobile ecosystems, IOS and Android.

In the world that is crowded with mobile applications that serve the same purpose, it is only the technical accuracy, the absence of bugs and a neat and intuitive user interface that is going to fetch a mobile application the accolades and the user based that it deserves.

CubeMatch Technologies specialises in offering you 360 degree mobile testing solutions. This includes but is not limited to the mobile application testing on simulated devices, the testing of the application on actual devices, the testing of application on devices with varied screen sizes like a tablets and finally command testing on how the web interface of the mobile application appears to be.

All these aspects make a mobile application more complete and more marketable, and we would be more than delighted to share our experience and expertise in the field of mobile application testing.our hands on experience in Selendroid and Appium comes in handy at this juncture!

Performance Testing

In the competitive cutthroat world, performance is of paramount importance. Building a web application for mobile application is a task in itself, but even bigger a task is making the Application perform to its optimal best. This is where the importance of performance testing comes in.

Performance testing comes in as a yardstick to measure how an application manifests itself in the practical front considering not just the technology but the capability of that application to handle certain load of work and the kind of resources it takes to complete the assigned work. Our comprehensive performance testing techniques test the load, the stress and the endurance of the application giving you a 360 degree view of the performance aspects of the application.

Other aspects of testing

Our expertise in testing is industry agnostic. However, here are a few fields in the Industry that we have worked with.

  • E-commerce
  • HR management
  • Attendance management
  • Expense and payroll management

Should you have any requirement that even remotely falls in the territory of testing, feel free to contact us and we are sure you won't be disappointed with the results, not just of the amazing software that you built but also about the inside that we give from our testing solutions.