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Performance Testing

In the world of Technology where functionality is taken for granted and time is one of the most major constraints for the user, performance becomes the differentiator. Providing a tool or an application or a software without any performance issues is crucial to the success of any organisation. Performance spells the difference between the Peetee cruiser and a Ferrari why functionality gives an excuse that both of them are cars.

To ensure that the performance of your application is top-notch, performance testing becomes a vital step not just for the application but for the entire organisation. performance testing is a type of non functional testing and it is in place to test the stability speed and scalability of an application in addition to subjecting it to specific workloads.

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CubeMatch Technologies performance testing services

The performance testing team at CubeMatch Technologies not only brings the prowese in testing but also the empathy as end users. This is what makes a performance testing services one of the best. Our team take care to test every performance parameter so that you are assured that you are taking a full market ready product to your client and they do not face any issues in performance that might divert them to use your competitors products or applications.

We offer a wide range of performance testing services in multiple domains and multiple platforms like mobile, cloud, web, desktop and Analytics.our team of performance testers not only identify the performance issues but also talk about ways to nullify the adverse effects of these performance issues.

Why performance testing?

  • Authentication of scalability, reliability and responsiveness of the application
  • Detection of discrepancies in performance and mitigating them
  • Enhancement of load capability and optimising the performance in general, keeping capacity planning in mind
  • Validation of external user experience which brings in the revenue
  • Identification of performance bottlenecks
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Our testing experts make sure that your software is subject to all possible worst cases so that the performance of your software will define what is the best case... Constantly!

Our portfolio of services

CubeMatch Technologies offers you a comprehensive range of performance testing services that do not spare any part of your product in terms of even the smallest aspects that affect its performance.

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Our performance testing services include:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Volume testing
  • Spike testing
  • Soak testing
  • Scalability testing
  • Web performance testing

All these services ensure a 360 degree performance of your product or application and it not only increases your confidence but also the marketability quotient of your product.

All it takes for you is to just drop an enquiry or give us a call so that we can take it up from there to test your product performance in every level and every aspect so that our services give the product an essential garnish in performance to go to the market and set your revenue counter ticking!