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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services has revolutionized the way Enterprises have perceived Cloud Computing. It has made Cloud democratic by removing all the stumbling blocks in getting to the Cloud and has facilitated Enterprises to take their Application Online in a cost effective fashion.

While Amazon Cloud has service level advantages like scalability and flexibility in storage, it also has a lot of other advantages like real-time mounting of operations and retail analytics which makes it one of the most preferred cloud platforms.

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The need for Universal accessibility has created a cloud of new demand! Our multifaceted cloud services help you build applications and do any possible things with the cloud..

Advantages of the Amazon Cloud

01 Pay per use

Using the Amazon Cloud server does not impose any commitment. Since all the services of the Amazon Web service charge on a per hour basis, you can initiate and terminate the services at your wish. Since the pricing is transparent and non-negotiable, there is quite a lot that you have to gain in terms of the payment options and commitment as well. Considering the fact that the Amazon web server is machine learning enabled, the pricing is surely one of the greatest advantages!

02 Availability of APIs

There are application programming interface is available in different languages for you to manage your infrastructure programmatically or by using a very simple interface. Almost every function is possible to be executed through the API which is considered more powerful than the AWS management console.

03 Security

The world-class infrastructure security of the Amazon web server both at the virtual and the physical level is something that any enterprise can fully depend on. The physical security given to the data centers, the replication of data systems in case of natural disasters and the authentication and validation system makes it one of the most secure cloud platforms.

04 Ease of procurement

While preparing a new server might take anywhere between a week or two, initiating a spinup server with Amazon Web Services takes nothing more than a few minutes.


CubeMatch Technologies AWS services

CubeMatch Technologies search as a one-stop solution for all your Amazon Web Services. We have a vast experience of implementing cloud computing projects and we bring in the essential expertise to facilitate our customers to read the full benefits of the Amazon cloud by providing a comprehensive and complete list of services.

We have the skill it takes to handle your infrastructure and database without compromising on the security of your business solutions. Our fully customized offerings give you the flexibility to decide your needs and pick from our portfolio of services a la carte.

All portfolio of services

  • AWS web development
  • AWS migration
  • Magento on AWS
  • Cloud connector networking
  • Auto-scaling
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Cloud automation and Management
  • Management advisory services
  • Application support
  • Operations and reports

We offer one of the most comprehensive and complete Amazon web server services making as one of the best AWS companies in India.

Should you have a requirement to get your business applications sky-high, literally, on to the cloud, you can get in touch with us for understanding your business requirement and giving you the best of Amazon Web Services that are essential, efficient and economic.