Startup Business Consulting

CubeMatch Technologies provides support & infrastructure to startups and collaborative approach to Business & Technology Consulting, POC, MVP Development, Idea-Go To Market.

Startup Business Consulting

The difference between a great idea and a great business lies in the support system that bridges these two. We understand that there are brilliant ideas that just need some support and a growth environment to become Grand business ideas.

CubeMatch Technologies has over a decade long experience with Self funded & Angel funded High-Tech Startups to Fortune 100 companies which has given us the proficiency to offer Strategy, Design Thinking, Lean StartUp, Agile Project Management, New Product Development Solutions and Business Consulting.

If you have a great business idea, you know you are not far away from making your dream into a reality with an amazing product or service offering. Get in touch with us for the collaboration that will elevate your project to the next level in performance, functionality, business and in the market!

What we have got to offer?

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We offer you a platform and a chance to develop your vision into a prototype of a product by leveraging on the advantages that we have got to offer in terms of platforms, technical support, membership, guidance and access to a whole lot of boot camps, resources and a few other forbidden areas that you will enjoy navigating through!

Our market-aware team validates the ideas, and we also arrange for brainstorming sessions with the stakeholders, so you get the best for your business. All of these put together, a revenue model, and not just a product. In addition to this, you also get to collaborate with a host of other Aspiring visionaries who are building their product and who would love to share your ideas with them and their ideas with you.

How does it work?

You can bring your product idea to us and we will collaboratively work with you to provide the essential support and mentorship based on a mutual agreement that benefits all stakeholders.

What makes us a great business incubator?

CubeMatch Technologies was founded by a team of visionaries who might have a lot of experience but still have the same level of enthusiasm as a young and fresh talent who is starting up! This enthusiasm is further garnished by the fact that the founders have had an experience of working with enterprising, energetic and emerging startups. This makes us one of the most ideal candidates for incubating your business. In addition to this, we also give a lot more than you can make great use of!

01 Advice and mentorship

It is only the most insignificant parts of the product that make it great, and it could be in something as simple as the user interface. With a vast experience, we can help you with timely and useful advice that will help you shape a product not only into a technically sound one but also something that appeals to the market and is bound to bring you great revenues and fame!

02 Virtual business incubator

There are some startups that might need a physical location for daily work and on the other hand, there are startups that might need only an occasional access to the incubator facilities but might continuously need the Network, Support, finance and a few other services.

The CubeMatch Technologies virtual incubator comes in as a blessed to those startups. We offer a huge portfolio of services to these startups.

  • Location and mailing address
  • Administrative support
  • Technical expertise
  • Making resources
  • Management and mentorship
  • Office solutions
  • Networking support

03 Access to collaboration

One of the greatest advantages of working together is a collaboration! With or mentorship, you can expect a lot of startups to be incubated and the intelligence of the founders of these startups cross seeds in all what is present in the environment not just bringing a single great product but helping in shaping multiple great products that imbibe the same philosophy, value and awesomeness!

04 Technical support

Sometimes, it is the product in itself that is a great idea and that could solve the biggest of the problems in the world of business. However, without the right Technology, it might be impossible to shape the product. At this juncture, our expertise in technology comes to the rescue. We can assist you with any technology that you might require so that your product shapes into something complete and Holistic.

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