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Managed Services

Information Technology has become an integral part of most organization these days that IT infrastructure development has become an essential requirement for many companies and especially for software companies. As the name implies, infrastructure is a combination of hardware, software, facilities and a support system that culminates in a flawless delivery of the product after developing and testing it.

Organisations are under increasing pressure to efficiently drive operations. The inherent need to find alternative delivery models to satisfy customer and regulatory demands, reduce costs and deliver quality outcomes is growing rapidly. CubeMatch Technologies Managed Services (CMMS) is a bespoke integrated service that provides clients with proven processes and methodologies  enabling them to outsource an aspect of their business to a trusted third party. In sharing or passing the responsibility of a defined, discrete set of services or an agreed function, an organisation can increase operational efficiency, proactively address concerns, prevent issues and de-risk that function or service. We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals that can be scaled to suit individual client needs and our Managed Services team will proactively address any concerns while preventing issues and removing risk.Partnering with us will ensure cost reductions and enhanced financial planning through our use of a predictable pricing model that can be scaled up or down as required.

Managed Services

All you need to do is just drop in a line and we will get in touch with you to know more about your requirement, your technology and we will be happy to be a part of your team, or rather, and extension of your team!

Why IT infrastructure?

  • Better cost-benefits
  • Better resource-utilization
  • Transparency and flexibility
  • Single-Point Support facilitation

It is important to not just have these elements in place but also to ensure that all the elements of the IT infrastructure work like a well-oiled machine in tandem with each other.

CubeMatch Technologies IT Infrastructure services

Clartiaz brings you state-of-the-art IT infrastructure services for your organization that take care of all the aspects that enable a flawless flow of your product-creation cycle. Our comprehensive IT infrastructure services work both for your on-shore and off-shore office setups. Our services are industry and industry size-agnostic and are designed to be resonant with your IT goals. The multi-faceted domain-expertise of the team, and our relentless and stringent commitment to quality ensures that we stay among the best IT infra companies in Chennai.

Our Portfolio of services

Our infra services are designed to handle the present, bridge the past and to prepare for the future.

Our list of services include

  • IT consulting
  • System Integration
  • ITIL based Service Delivery
  • Facility Management
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Infrastructure Upgradations and Patch management
  • Remote Support Center

CubeMatch Technologies has been helping clients and partners in various technologies like

  • Angular JS and all other forms of JavaScript
  • Mobile application development
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Cloud and cloud migration
  • Full Stack Development
  • User interface experience and other visible solutions

All it takes is just a simple inquiry or an email for our team to get in touch with you, and do what it takes to make your IT infrastructure an ultra-structure in terms of utility, technology and plain awesomeness!