Product Development Company

CubeMatch Technologies specializes in Full stack Development, Microsoft Platform, Mobile Apps, Testing and DevOps, Managed Services, UI/UX, Cloud and AI chatbot.

About Us

CubeMatch Technologies, a CubeMatch Company based in Chennai, India with 12+ years of delivering results and with 100+ customers across the globe, offers Enterprise Level Product Engineering, Digital Transformation, Integrated Testing & DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Business Incubation and Extended Team Solutions.

Our parent company CubeMatch (headquartered in Dublin, Ireland) is a Global Change and Transformation Consultancy, specialising in Financial Services.

We have 300+ associates and our portfolio of services spans the entire extent of your Information Technology and Development requirements.

Our continued and dedicated focus on satisfying customer needs and our commitment to remain resolute on the ethics of workmanship, make us one of the best development companies in Chennai. As a workplace we strive to provide an inclusive, accomodating environment where creativity and excellence thrive.

Our Vision

We firmly believe that technology and marketing form the strands of the double-helix DNA of business, and in parallell with each other, these can work wonders for our clients. With this mantra constantly in our mind, our everyday work, our every line of code, our every pixel of design and every idea of business runs positively… up and to the right!

Our Mission

Our mission stays a layer elevated than what meets the eye - our aim is to provide sustainable and profitable business-solutions to our clients, irrespective of their size and budget. It is our constant endeavor to continually redefine ‘the best’, not just for ourselves, but for the entire industry.

Who We Are

CubeMatch Technologies is the manifestation of visionaries, technocrats and serial entrepreneurs. Their ideas were focused on growing a curious startup into a successful Enterprise. CubeMatch Technologies has a legacy of over a decade in the fields of Product Development, Startup Services, Digital Transformation, and Business Incubation.

CubeMatch Technologies packs with it, a team that has a humongous caliber in Technology that becomes quite an asset when it comes to developing the minimum viable product (MVP) or manifesting Complex ideas into intuitive products.

With an experience of working with over 100+ companies, and engineers who have had their exposure in multiple domains, we ensure that the product is a delight for you to experience and for us to develop.

Our Strength

What makes CubeMatch Technologies one of the best product development and a holistic IT solutions company is that it brings a convergence of all the technical skills that can enhance large enterprises and transform startups. This aspect only goes on to imply that any solution that we develop does not compromise on the touch of being relevant and compliant with the best practices of the industry. We bring together, business, technology, intelligence, and analytics in a one-stop solution for your business!

The Convergence Of The Right Skills Creates Wonders... And We Continue To Build Our Team With The Same Philosophy!

Management Team

Santhosh Kumar
Chief Executive Officer Santhosh Kumar
Mohan Thilak
Chief Marketing Officer, GSL - APAC/ANZ Region Mohan Thilak
Keith Moran
Group CTO Keith Moran
Bala Subramanian
Chief Technology Officer Bala Subramanian
Prakash Kalaiselvam
Chief Delivery Officer Prakash Kalaiselvam
Shaju Thomas
Head - DevOps & Test Automation Shaju Thomas

Strategic Advisory Team

Thomas Melville
Group CEO & Head of CubeMatch Ireland Thomas Melville
Jacob Koshy
Group CFO Jacob Koshy
Raju Packianathan
Chief Strategy Officer Raju Packianathan

Our Major Clients