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Integration Testing

Today,when we are looking at software we are not looking at a single application with its own code but rather an interdependent conglomeration of different modules that work in tandem with each other, continuously communicating and fitting into a larger design to execute a greater purpose. For this communication and it to happen without any flow or labs, it is essential to test the health of integration of these different modulus and different software for consistency communication and even the aspects of design.

This is what makes integration testing one of the most essential aspects mandatory for today's software.

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Steps for integration testing

1. Identity unit testing

This is considered generally to be the first step when it comes to integration testing. The developer of each program takes the responsibility by themselves to identify and document the different units of the interface in essential functionalities like responding to queries, managing data for receiving information, sending messages creating transaction files and providing the results to another module or an output device.

3. Creating integration test conditions

Multiple test conditions are created for integrating each program unit. Based on these conditions, the interface is tested and documented for each template.

2. Reconciliation of interfaces for completeness

The essential information that is needed for integration testing on a template is collected from the different program units that make up the software. Whenever 1 unit interfaces with another, the interfaces are considered to be reconciled. If there is no reconciliation, it is a cause of concern and it needs to be fixed.

4. 360 degree evaluation

Last but not the least the final step is to evaluate the integration test conditions and find out if they are completed or not. If they are completed, all is well! If not, the process might need to be started from step 1.

Testing of integration and how the different units of the software interface With each other is one of the most important aspects of the software development life cycle. Integration testing is considered to be one of the most renowned product testing methodologies as the software today are a lot more Complex than what it was even a decade ago!

what will be the complexity of your application and irrespective of the technology used by the different components in our testing team will ensure that your software does not have any lapses in the tightness of integration. Get in touch with us for any requirement that you might have for integration testing and working with us will let you know why we are the best integration testing company in Chennai.

CubeMatch Technologies integration testing services

At CubeMatch, we believe that testing is more of a business process than a technical process.we try to isolate and resolve issues in a proactive fashion across the entire spectrum of units that make up the software. We also check the roots that facilitate the transaction of information between the units for ensuring flawless interoperability and seamless integration.

Our team of integration testing experts ensure that your application performs what it is expected to and how it is expected to, and all of this, ensuring that transfer and communication between different components of an application is not something that halters the functionality!