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AWS Case Study

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The Client

Villgro Innovation Foundation is one of India’s oldest social enterprise incubators, supporting innovators and social entrepreneurs during their early stages of growth. Villgro does this by tirelessly building an ecosystem that supports social entrepreneurs and helps them create impactful, scalable businesses with the potential to change the way communities live and function.

CubeMatch Technologies had been supporting Villgro for more than a decade in Software Development and maintenance including their MIS Applications, Website, events – iPitch, Unconvention etc.

The Challenge

CubeMatch Technologies was hosting all Villgro applications including their website in a private VPS Hosting Environment. With the volume and usage of various services increasing especially during Unconvention and iPitch, we encountered limitations in terms of scale and repeated breakdown of the website. Due to the high traffic, and increased load on the VPS the server would stop functioning leading to downtime. Thus, there was an immediate requirement for an advanced hosting system which could cope with the high traffic.

Another issue was the lack of elasticity - there was a need for an infrastructure to handle the load time during the peak hours and at the same time manage the low usage during other times. This was not cost effective. As a result, we decided to switch to a public cloud provider so they could self service and scale on demand:

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Villgro site visitors, user base and subscribers were growing rapidly over the years.The top requirement was to be able to continue to onboard a high number of users and attract large enterprises.


Villgro wanted to provide a superior quality of service for its users, so availability and performance was the main priority for them. Both, the Villgro website and other applications were hosted on a single server, and the organization needed a backup in case of emergencies.


In addition to being unable to meet these traffic demands, the VPS server was also unresponsive for testing and experimenting purposes. With the VPS setup, it was difficult to predict how many servers we would need for a given experiment, additionally we didn’t have multiple servers. So we were limited in what we could achieve.

Villgro was looking for a cost-effective infrastructure which could run its website and its applications without having to spend a huge amount upfront.

By moving it’s exchange from physical data centers to the cloud, Villgro could address its need for scalability, cost savings, and flexibility, and at the same time also adopt tools that would enable more security and agility in managing customer data.

The Solution


After evaluating alternatives, we decided to move Villgro’s VPS hosting network to Amazon Web Services (AWS), with CubeMatch Technologies being a Consulting Partner facilitating this transition.

Our unparalleled experience in coding, migrating, and managing applications on AWS appealed to Villgro. They saw the chance to leverage these components to achieve an agile, cost-effective, and secure service, while also solving their compliance, resourcing, and consistency challenges.

By making the switch, Villgro’s software resources are now pre-configured to be secure and ensure consistency and predictability.


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The Benefits

By partnering with CubeMatch, to migrate their hosting network to the cloud, Villgro gained a wealth of solutions and support. Villgro shut down its co-located VPS servers after moving to AWS, immediately cutting costs by eliminating the expense of maintaining them. This move also gave a considerable cost saving that had previously been trapped in software licenses and management tools.

Simplicity, Efficiency, Scalability!

Zero Downtime

The web application is now highly accessible and distributed across multiple AWS availability zones. Despite the huge growth and end-users, they have no issues in the performance or in the uptime of the application.

Secure data

With the benefit from AWS data centers, the network is designed to meet core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection and confidentiality equipping us to ensure that Villgro is a happy AWS Customer of CubeMatch.