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Google Cloud Platform

The cloud has literally transformed the way in which businesses look at a lot of things. With the advent of the cloud, accessibility has ceased to be an issue.

The fact that it is not just about the data but also about the conveniences and tools that can be accessed from the cloud bring a lot of advantages to businesses. With the right tools, Google cloud can give an amazing advantage and a considerable boost to your business. Google cloud is built in such a way that you can get customized solutions for specific business requirements or even integrate the existing systems with the cloud.

Google cloud also gives a great advantage with respect to the speed. The building blocks that are needed to develop your ideas into other websites or applications are pre-built on the Google cloud.

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Advantages of Google Cloud

01 Better Pricing

The first, foremost and the most obvious is in Terms of pricing point. Compared to the competitors, Google Cloud offers a better pricing that is favoured by a lot of companies that plan to step into the realm of the cloud for the first time. In addition to this, the Google Cloud also gives advantages with respect to flexibility and this result in the companies paying guest for the segment of data and computing power that they will use and not purchase something in bulk which they might never get to use!

02 Better network

The data centres that are distributed All Around The World give better access to the elements of the Google Cloud.The fact that the Google private fibre enables the communication over the cloud makes it blazingly fast and it is not the internet that is factoring the communication but Google's very own communication backbone that enables the transit of information.The blazing speed of the trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific cable systems of Google can reach speeds of about 60 Tbps.

03 Live Migration of Virtual Machines

In the world of agencies, virtual machines are inevitable when it comes to hosting websites or any other applications. Moving virtual machines between host machines result in a considerable drop in performance and may even lead to down-time. However, Google Cloud gives a solution in this front, facilitating a live migration of virtual machine, and this is one unique competitive advantage provided by Google Cloud - it’s not available with AWS or Azure, and even with small players like Digital Ocean.

04 Availability of firebase

Firebase is an application development platform that was acquired by Google in 2014, making Google cloud one of the most lucrative and preferred platforms if you would like to develop mobile applications by using an intuitive interface. The availability of firebase gives the Google cloud clear advantage their competitors when it comes to Startups and small businesses.

05 Availability of Google maps

As you may have known, Google maps is built over the Google cloud, and using the Google cloud for your enterprise opens up access to Google maps. In situations where your business is hyperlocal and depends on the location, the presence of Google maps on the Google cloud might come in handy. This also poses a clear advantage for many location based startups.

Our services on Google cloud

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  • Operating Systems, Hardware and Browsers

Google cloud solutions are designed to modernize your infrastructure, arrive at intelligence from data and to accelerate the awesomeness of your app. In addition to this, Google cloud services also transform the way in which your team and your business functions because of the flexibility it brings about in offering industry based and role-based solutions.