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Microsoft Azure

Azure has moved on from gemology to the world of Technology. Microsoft cloud offerings have taken the world of cloud by storm and are some of the aspects that have redefined the requirements of businesses considering security, accessibility, and retrievability.

To keep up with the cut-throat competition and the emerging business landscape, your organization needs a secure cloud platform to enhance speed, productivity, and revenues. Microsoft Azure perfectly fit this bill.

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CubeMatch Technologies Azure solutions

CubeMatch Technologies brings you 360-degree cloud solutions specializing in Azure ecosystems. We offer a wide array of services and features that make your cloud strategic and useful investment.

Accessibility and Flexibility

One of the limitations of the on-premise system was the accessibility, and with the advent of mobile phones and capabilities to do business from anywhere, accessibility has started to become an aspect of Paramount importance. Our cloud solutions built on Azure ensure accessibility from any part of the planet. Another aspect that makes cloud bliss is the capacity to build and deploy applications. Our offering of flexibility in the cloud brings you the essential aspects that are needed to build robust applications and deploy them right from the cloud. Since Azure is consistent and hybrid, you can deploy applications irrespective of the banking Technology!


Growth is the Holy Grail of any business and it is essential for the cloud to grow along with your business. With the option of scalability that Azure presents, your cloud space and performance can be scaled proportionally to the growth and requirement of your business.

Should you have any requirement to elevate your business to the levels of the crowd With The Legacy of Microsoft and the flexibility and efficiency offered by Azure, all you need to do is just drop us in a line and we will get in touch with you to take out collaboration forward!

Why CubeMatch?


We bring you a comprehensive experience that spans multiple industries and rangers over a decade. Our experience of transitioning businesses from the classics to the cloud comes in handy in transforming your business as well!

A few aspects that make us special are:

  • End to end services with industry knowledge
  • Presence and support across geography
  • Focus on customer service and satisfaction
  • Creating a Confluence of innovation and proven best practices
  • Open for collaboration in our project management approach