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iOS App Development

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the iPhone has changed the way the world has been looking at mobiles. Probably iPhone is the best thing that happened to mobiles ever since the invention of mobile phones! The touch screen interface, the exciting features like using the girl scopic sensor for casual activities like gaming enhanced security and above everything, opening of an ecosystem of applications from a trusted store are a few things that iPhone has brought about which are the norm in the industry of mobiles today.

For some unspoken reason, the iPhone has carried with it, Legacy of elitism. This has made the iPhone and the application development for iPhone, a mandate for most of the businesses.

It is for this reason that it is important for businesses to have a robust and smooth iPhone application, and without question, the application should comply with the design standards of Apple.

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All the utility is now handy, literally! There is an app for everything. We help create intuitive and interesting mobile applications that will augment the utility of your business.

CubeMatch Technologies iOS app development

CubeMatch Technologies present to you, a team of developers who are experts in developing applications for your business in the iOS ecosystem. Our team of developers understand that it is essential for the iPhone application to reflect the ethos of your business.

IOS application development team brings and industry agnostic experience of having works across multiple vertical. We create applications that provide seamless communication, flawless mobility and optimised return on investment for your business. A few industries that we work with arehealthcare, education, E-commerce and even industries that demand high security of information like banking and the industries that bank on flawless and engaging interface such as dating and social networking.

All the utility is now handy, literally! There is an app for everything. We help create intuitive and interesting mobile applications that will augment the utility of your business.

The Technologies that we use

We deploy some of the best development techniques that are present in the Apple environment today including Swift, Coco, x 9 and a lot of supporting tools that include UI kit framework and the media framework that give you the best functionalities.

We also incorporate more and functionalities for the mobile phone like gyroscopic sensitive actions, in app purchases, IBeacon, NFC, POS systems, augmented reality CRM solutions and GPS.

Our process

understanding your requirement

The first step is, without question, together what you exactly require out of your Android application in terms of experience and business. This will enable us come up with a framework even in the smallest aspects of the application starting right from the framework to the last button that will be present as a part of your mobile app interface. We keep in mind, the target audience, the goals and the usability factors that go into the segment of audience that you are targeting.

Project planning

Once we have a complete idea of what your requirements are we start to plan the project and lay a roadmap for the complete mobile application and ee also in corporate third party services that might need to be included as a part of your mobile app. at this portion, we have a clear idea on the business objectives, the design, the technology and the frameworks that will be used.

Design and interface

The next step is to give a visual dimension to your mobile application. We consider a lot of things and this is where the expertise and empathy of a development team comes in.

We check different resolutions and different sizes of icons before we arrived conclusively at a few parameters that will govern the entire design language of your application. We understand that the mobile user interface plays a major role in determining the usability and the profits of your application. It is one of the most important processes where we spend a considerable amount of time in understanding your business, your user and the intuitive flow of functions on your mobile application.


The next step is to build a mockup that complies with the guidelines of tablets and smartphones. We develop a proof of concept and present it to you which will show The skeleton of the structure and function of the application. Once that is approved, it proceeds into the step of development.

Developing the application

As soon as we finalize on the design, we proceed to create the technical aspects of the website. The development is based on your constant review and feedback which will help us create the application in line with your requirement. Our app development methodology is flexible and any additional functionality or feature can be added at any point in time. This is what probably makes us one of the best Android app development companies around.


Once the development process is done, we test it for performance and the consistency. Our testing experts will make sure that the functionality of the application does not get disturbed irrespective of the device and the environment. We also tested for various indiarace conditions like low battery and low memory. This makes sure that your application is well prepared for any worst case scenario and performs optimally in any environment.


Once the application is built and tested, we launch the application on the Play Store. Based on the market survey, feedback and the ratings that are given by the users, we augment a lot of new functionalities and features. at this juncture, digital marketing services can come into help for popularising your app and increasing the number of downloads.