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ionic App Development

Building mobile applications has now become mandatory for most of the businesses and mobile has become the primary medium of accessing information through the web. It has always been the endeavour of companies to minimise the cost and the time involved in creating mobile applications for all the available platforms. It is for this reason that ionic mobile framework is in place.

Ionic mobile app framework is an open source software development kit that is meant for hybrid mobile applications. Ionic mobile app framework provides services and tools that help develop hybrid mobile apps using Technologies like CSS and HTML 5.

Ionic is a front end framework and it deals with the look and feel of mobile applications. It not only facilitates a smoother transaction of information but also gives a fresh and intuitive look to your mobile application that makes it a favourite among the users.

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All the utility is now handy, literally! There is an app for everything. We help create intuitive and interesting mobile applications that will augment the utility of your business.

Why ionic?

Ionic framework is meant to bring down the gap between the planning and development. With the framework that is already available, it is up to the users to use their development skills and creativity to design an app that complies with the framework. It is just the development and the design part that gives a user friendly touch to the app.

Key advantages of using ionic

Stable framework

Since or ionic is a stable framework, the developers and Enterprises do not have to be worried about the dependability of the framework. This makes building the app a lot easier because essentially, the basement of the app is quite strong.

Financial and temporal viability

Since ionic does not demand a lot of time of financial resources, it is considered to be one of the most preferred frameworks for building mobile applications, especially for Enterprises that look forward it to enter the mobile market really fast. With ionic in place, you can spend a lot of time focusing on the features and functionality rather than spending time over stabilizing the platform.


Since the application that is being built caters to most of the major platform ecosystems of smartphones, you do not have to spend a separate time optimising it for different experiences. This not only saves time and money but also reduces the time to hit the market and when starting early, the revenues start to flow in early!

The framework for the framework

Ionic is built on the top of Angular JS. Angular JS in itself can create a lot of amazing and exciting mobile applications and since ionic is compatible with Angular JS, there are a host of advantages that come in along with it including a default user interface that complies with a lot of mobile applications platforms like sliding menu and navigation tabs.

Your hybrid mobile application on the ionic framework will be a point of pride and pleasure for us to develop and design. We are sure that, with our experience and expertise combined with a Holistic thinking, will bring a perfect mobile app that is versatile Universal and well suited for your business requirement. Just drop in a line and we will get in touch with you to give your business the hybrid edge with ionic framework!

Why Us?

The expert theme of ionic mobile framework developers at CubeMatch Technologies have the distinction of having executed successful ionic development framework projects. Our vast industry experience and our dedication to perfection brings a host of advantages that go into building a perfect and robust application for your business. We understand that applications play a pivotal role in making businesses successful especially with the evolving adoption of mobiles. User experience is one of our strengths and weakness your that your mobile application is a delight for all the users who will be experiencing your mobile application and we do not cater just to a specific geography of audience but rather worldwide markets.

Our process

understanding your requirement

The first step is, without question, together what you exactly require out of your Android application in terms of experience and business. This will enable us come up with a framework even in the smallest aspects of the application starting right from the framework to the last button that will be present as a part of your mobile app interface. We keep in mind, the target audience, the goals and the usability factors that go into the segment of audience that you are targeting.

Project planning

Once we have a complete idea of what your requirements are we start to plan the project and lay a roadmap for the complete mobile application and ee also in corporate third party services that might need to be included as a part of your mobile app. at this portion, we have a clear idea on the business objectives, the design, the technology and the frameworks that will be used.

Design and interface

The next step is to give a visual dimension to your mobile application. We consider a lot of things and this is where the expertise and empathy of a development team comes in.

We check different resolutions and different sizes of icons before we arrived conclusively at a few parameters that will govern the entire design language of your application. We understand that the mobile user interface plays a major role in determining the usability and the profits of your application. It is one of the most important processes where we spend a considerable amount of time in understanding your business, your user and the intuitive flow of functions on your mobile application.


The next step is to build a mockup that complies with the guidelines of tablets and smartphones. We develop a proof of concept and present it to you which will show The skeleton of the structure and function of the application. Once that is approved, it proceeds into the step of development.

Developing the application

As soon as we finalize on the design, we proceed to create the technical aspects of the website. The development is based on your constant review and feedback which will help us create the application in line with your requirement. Our app development methodology is flexible and any additional functionality or feature can be added at any point in time. This is what probably makes us one of the best Android app development companies around.


Once the development process is done, we test it for performance and the consistency. Our testing experts will make sure that the functionality of the application does not get disturbed irrespective of the device and the environment. We also tested for various indiarace conditions like low battery and low memory. This makes sure that your application is well prepared for any worst case scenario and performs optimally in any environment.


Once the application is built and tested, we launch the application on the Play Store. Based on the market survey, feedback and the ratings that are given by the users, we augment a lot of new functionalities and features. at this juncture, digital marketing services can come into help for popularising your app and increasing the number of downloads.